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How to Play Android Games on Mac


X-Mirage is a comprehensive app for your to cast your Android screen to Mac. With X-Mirage, you can stream videos, watch movies, play games, and anything else you would normally do on your Android phone, but enjoy it on a bigger Mac screen. This wireless tool allows you to enjoy casting, mirroring and recording in real time without connection trouble. Using X-Mirage, has a maximum supported resolution of 4K. You can change the resolution and display size to fit your Mac screen so that you can get the best gaming experience. One-click recording/capture function is the easiest way to record high-quality gameplay video and capture your greatest gaming moments. It works as game recording software to record gameplay videos for as long as you want. Check the steps below to learn how to play Android games on Mac.

1. Connect your Android and Mac to the same WiFi internet connection. Download, install and launch X-Mirage on your Mac.

2. Swipe down from the top of your Android device and click the Cast button. Wait for your Android to recognize your Mac.

cast Android to mac

3. Once recognized, tap your Mac’s name and the mirroring process will begin. Your Android screen will be streamed to your Mac soon.

Play Android Games on Mac

It is feasible to play Android games on Mac by the above steps. If you are looking for the simplest tool for your to play Android games on Mac, X-Mirage will be the perfect solution.