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Record iOS games by capturing AirPlay video on Mac/PC


AirPlay Mirroring is one of the coolest features on iOS. It allows you to mirror iPad or iPhone screen to Apple TV or Mac/PC, thus provides the possibility to record iPad or iPhone screen on Mac/PC. With X-Mirage, you can mirror any iOS games to Mac/PC and record how you played the games. Here is a screenshot during recording Temple Run:

x-mirage, mirror and record ios games

X-Mirage as an AirPlay receiver

Using X-Mirage is stupidly easy as well. On the interface, it shows you how to enable AirPlay Mirroring on your iOS devices. All you need to do is make sure your iOs devices and Mac/PC are in the same network and follow the instructions to enable AirPlay Mirroring. I'd like to repeat the instructions here:

If you are running iOS 6, double-click the Home button to display your recently used apps. Swipe the recently used apps from left to right until you see the AirPlay icon. For iPads, it's a single swipe, for the iPhone and iPod touch it's two swipes. On iOS 7, just swipe up to bring up Control Center and you'll see the AirPlay icon just above the Camera and Calculator icons.

Tap the AirPlay icon and you will see a selection X-Mirage[your Mac/PC's name], tap it and turn on Mirroring. Then you can see iPad or iPhone screen on Mac/PC display.

X-Mirage as an AirPlay recorder

Recording any game with X-Mirage is just at hand: just click the Record button on the right side of the mirrored screen and play any games on your iPhone or iPad. X-Mirage will record any screen activities. When you are finished, click the Stop button and you will be requested to export the video.

Here is a demo recoding of the Temple Run: